Five suggestions for improving your bike performance

Five suggestions for improving your bike performance

Everyone who drives a motorbike wants to improve its performance. There are various ways to do it, and it involves a lot of expense. However, it need not be so, and you can improve your bike’s performance at a meager cost as well. Here are five suggestions for improving your bike’s performance.


  • Replacing the air filter: Replacing your standard air filter with an aftermarket unit is one of the cheapest ways to boost your motorcycle’s performance. Not only does it enhance the airflow, but it also maintains filtration. It is because the cleaner and purer the air, the better will be the combustion and hence better efficiency and power delivery. It is a straightforward modification that you can do in very little time. It is simple and very effective. Most air filters will run under Rs. 2000 but high-performance filters and kits will cost you up to Rs. 4000.
  • Braking system: In a motorcycle, the braking system is more important than what gets you going. So what you can do is replace your brake lines with graded stainless steel lines. Stainless steel lines will offer you an improved feel, and control also looks a lot neater. Modifying your braking system is the easy way to get the most out of the vital performance area, and it can also be an invaluable safety-oriented modification. The best quality of graded stainless steel lines will cost you less than Rs. 1000 and brake pads will cost you 200-300 depending upon the brand and material.
  • Gearing and final drive: You can easily change the sprockets and chain in your motorcycle.It depends upon what you want, better acceleration or top speed. It is a matter of gear ratio, and you can modify this by changing either your front sprocket rear sprocket or using some combination of two. This sprocket and chain kit will cost you around Rs. 1000.
  • Exhaust system: Modifying your exhaust system brings you two benefits. First is the enhancement of your bike’s performance, appearance, and sound, and second, it also helps reduce weight in your motorcycle, which in turn results in gaining a few horsepowers.
  • Lubricate the chain: You can increase your bike’s performance by lubricating and adjusting the chain. It will help your chain against wear and tear and improve your bike’s horsepower.


Conclusion: If you want your motorcycle to perform better, you need to make all the above changes at a good service station and get the regular servicing done. VOC is India’s best bike service in Bangalore. If you want to give your bike for servicing, we are just a call away.


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