How to select motor oil for the bike

How to select motor oil for the bike

Motor oil is the lifeblood of any bike. So we must choose the right one for our bikes.

Most often, people ask what the best oil for my motorcycle is.

The answer is it is the one that your owner’s manual recommends. The chances are that the manufacturer builds your engine with specific oil in mind, and you will find that oil’s exact weight and sometimes even refinement type and brand in your owner’s manual


Another question people ask is, “What do the numbers mean that are in my service manual and on the bottles? The answer is numbers like 10W30 20W50 are engine oil’s weight, its thickness. The lower is the number, the thinner the oil. The higher the number, the thicker the oil.

Every engine needs a certain oil weight to operate at peak potential. 

Another significant point is that you should not use your car oil in your motorcycle or scooter. When you service your bike, using the correct engine oil is very important. VOC automotive is the best bike service centre in Bangalore that has experts who make your bike look like a new one. If you are looking for doorstep bike service, they help you pick up and drop your bike after having it serviced.


Difference between conventional, synthetic, and semi-synthetic oil.


Another question is what do conventional, synthetic, and semi-synthetic oil mean? Well, these are the types of refinements that engine oil or motor oil can utilise. The best choice is what your owner’s manual recommends, but if your manual doesn’t have a recommendation, it all comes down to what type of riding you intend to do. Synthetic oil is more expensive, more refined, and pure. So it is best to perform under extreme conditions.

Synthetic oil is best if you are on a high-performance motorcycle.

Conventional oil is the opposite of synthetic oil. It is less expensive and less refined and pure. So it is more likely to break down under extreme conditions.


Conventional oil will protect your engine under normal operating conditions. So it is the right choice if you are riding your bike a bit more casually or an older bike that you don’t have to push very hard.


Lastly, semi-synthetic is a blend of conventional and synthetic oils. It is generally cheaper than synthetic but more expensive than conventional oil. It is less refined and pure than synthetic but more refined and pure than conventional oil.

Semi-synthetic is the right choice if you need performance for your modern bike that you like riding more aggressively, and you are okay to change your oil a bit more frequently than use an expensive synthetic option.


Only the best bike service centre in Bangalore can help you with all these queries and help you choose the best for your bike.


Difference between 2T and 4T oil


Another question is the difference between the 2T and 4T oil.

2T motor oil lubricates two-stroke motorcycle engines. In contrast, 4T engine oil is specifically for lubricating the four-stroke motorcycle engine.


Capacity of the engine and motor oil


One should choose the motor oil for the bike according to the capacity of the engine of the bike.

We can divide the bikes into three types according to the engine capacity. Here is a description of which engine oil to use for a bike’s engine power.

  1. Motor oil for motorcycle/scooter up to 149 CC: If your motorcycle or scooter has a capacity of 149 CC or less, i.e., it is 100 CC or 125 CC, then the recommended motor oil for your bike is Engine oil grade 10W30.
  2. Motor oil for motorcycle/scooter up to 150-300 CC: For the motorcycle or scooter with capacity up to 150CC to 300 CC, the recommended motor oil is 10W40/20W40/20W50. If you put any of these grade semi-synthetic motor oil, then the life of your engine will get better.
  3. Motor oil for motorcycles above 300 CC: For motorcycles above 300 CC, the recommended grade for motor oil is 10W50 and 15W50. It is better to put fully synthetic oil on these bikes.


One should keep giving it regular service for the smooth functioning of one’s motorcycle or scooter.


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