Interesting Bike Maintenance Hacks that Everyone Must know!

Interesting Bike Maintenance Hacks that Everyone Must know!

As an owner of your bike, you may love your vehicle and enjoy riding on it. However, when it comes to maintenance, besides taking it to the service center, you can maintain it at home in your garage as well. If you maintain it at home regularly, you need to spend less at the time of service. So how can you maintain your bike at home? Here are some interesting hacks that you can use to maintain your bike at home.


  1. Clean it regularly using a spray: You can clean your bike daily using a spray and a cloth. It is the easiest way to keep your bike clean, but it enhances the appearance of your bike and keeps it well-maintained.


  1. You can use an old toothbrush to clean the grease from the chain: You don’t need to throw your old toothbrush as its short bristles and ergonomic design help clean the bolts and clean out grease from tight places, like the chain.


  1. Use oven cleaner to clean the grease: Your bike may carry some stains of the oil on its body, stand, etc., and you can remove that by using oven cleaner. Just spray the oven cleaner on the bike surface from where you want to remove the grease marks, let it be there for a minute, and then clean it. It will clean very easily.

For regular servicing, you can take your bike to a service center. VOC is the best bike service center in Bangalore.


  1. Use pencil graphite as the lubricant: If your fuel cap key does not open the cap and gets stuck, it needs lubrication.

Standard lubricants over a period do not solve the problem. So you can take a pencil and, with the help of a knife, slice off the pencil’s graphite into the keyhole. The graphite powder of the pencil acts as a lubricant, and it makes your fuel cap open easily.


  1. Mark nuts with a fluid correction pen: If you observe that some of the nuts on your bike are getting loose, you can mark them with a correction liquid pen at the top of the nut across the steering stem.

So if these two lines don’t line up, it will help you become aware that they have moved from their position, and then you can tighten them.


These are some interesting hacks to maintain your bike.


It is always the best course to regularly take your bike to the service center for proper maintenance. VOC is the best bike service in Bangalore, having a Pan-India presence.

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