Six Safety Tips to Change Your Bike’s Engine Oil

Six Safety Tips to Change Your Bike’s Engine Oil

A smooth, safe, and pleasant ride is every biker’s dream.

While a bike ride gives one a lot of joy, it is essential to maintain it to get the wonderful experience of riding it.

Changing the engine oil is one of the very significant aspects of maintaining your bike’s performance.


So here are six tips to change the engine oil of your bike safely.


  • Get together all the things that you require:

First, let us assemble all the things that we need. A large pan to collect the used oil, a funnel to pour the oil, you will need a spanner to unscrew the drain bolt, a cloth to wipe, gloves, and most importantly, the correct grade of oil that we need to change.

Now, how much and what grade of oil does your motorcycle need? For that, you need to refer to your owner’s manual. So apart from other things, you should keep your owner’s service manual by your side.


  • Warm-up your engine: 

Warming up your engine is essential because a warm engine means warm oil, which not only flows better but it is also a lot easier to drain. One way to warm up your engine is to go for a nice three to four-kilometer leisure ride.

If you find that changing the engine oil is risky and tedious work, you can call a service center. VOC is the best doorstep bike service in Bangalore, and they can come over a call for your bike’s service.


  • Put your bike on the main stand while changing the oil: 

After you have come back from the ride, you can switch off your motorcycle and put it on the main stand, making it easier for you to work on the bike.


  • Use gloves for protection: 

The oil will be hot from the ride, so you should use gloves for protection.


  • Apply only limited pressure on the bolt head: 

Now locate the fuel plug and unscrew it. Then take your spanner and loosen the oil drain bolt but not unscrew it entirely yet. It is important to apply only as much pressure on the bolt head as not to damage it.


  • Position the oil pan appropriately: 

Before completely unscrewing the oil drain bolt, position an oil pan underneath the oil drain bolt to catch all the used engine oil. Carefully unscrew the oil drain bolt completely and let all the oil drain into the pan. Once all the oil is out, clean the drain bolt and reinstall and tighten it.

Change the oil filter every time you change the engine oil.

After this, pour the appropriate amount of oil into the engine through the fill plug from the freshly opened oil can. Use a funnel to avoid spillage while pouring. After filling, inspect the oil level through the inspection window or the dipstick. Then tighten the fill plug, and you are done.

Now know that the drained oil may still be hot, and you have to find a responsible way to dispose of it. The best is to let it cool, then fill it in a can and give it to a scrap dealer.

You can change your engine oil yourself at home by following the above safety procedures.

For a good performance of your bike, you need to service it regularly. VOC provides you with the cost-effective and best doorstep bike service in Bangalore.


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