Benefits of Synthetic Engine Oil

Benefits of Synthetic Engine Oil

Synthetic engine oil is artificial chemically prepared oil. It is not prepared from the crude oil we take from the ground.

They are prepared chemically, whereas mineral oil or regular oil is prepared from crude oil.  

Mineral oil is less refined compared to synthetic oil. Mineral oil contains some contaminants, whereas synthetic oil contains no pollutants. It is why synthetic engine oil is more expensive than mineral oil.

Let us now understand the benefits of synthetic engine oil.

  • Lubrication: Synthetic engine oil gives better lubrication. It creates a film on the engine’s parts so as not to get damaged. VOC synthetic engine oil has exceptional anti-wear properties protecting vital engine parts and gear components. Mineral oil has less lubrication compared to synthetic oil.
  • Ride quality: There will be less vibration if there is less wear and tear in the engine parts. Less vibration will give you better performance and better fuel economy. VOC’s synthetic oil gives a better fuel efficiency and ride quality.
  • Oil change: In synthetic oil, a significant benefit is that one doesn’t have to change the oil frequently.
  • Life of engine: Synthetic oil enhances the engine’s life compared to conventional oil. VOC’s synthetic oil has outstanding thermo-oxidative stability that minimizes high-temperature deposit formation and controls oil thickening facilitating extended engine life.

Conclusion:  Synthetic oil is better than conventional oil. 

VOC’s synthetic oil gives higher fuel efficiency and engine life. It is a quality engine oil having an edge in terms of quality over other synthetic engine oils due to its stringent quality control mechanisms.

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