Tips to keep your two-wheeler ready for the summer heat

Tips to keep your two-wheeler ready for the summer heat

As the summer approaches, we humans start drinking more water to keep ourselves cool and hydrated.


In the same way, our two-wheelers need special maintenance to keep going properly during the summer heat. So here are five tips to keep your two-wheeler ready for the summer heat:


  1. Clean your engine fins: In your bike, whether there is an air-cooled engine or oil-cooled engine, you must have observed that the engine fins are visible in your motorcycle engine. These fins are essential because these fins work towards heat dissipation. In other words, whatever heat gets generated in the engine’s cylinder gets transferred to these engine fins. Then the atmospheric air collides with these fins and keeps cooling them. So fins keep cooling the bike’s engine.

However, sometimes a lot of dust gets deposited at the engine fins. In summers, the atmospheric air is already hot, so the engine’s cooling rate already goes down. So if the fins are dirty, then the cooling rate goes down even further. So if you clean the engine fins, the cooling will get better, and the engine’s efficiency will also remain good. If you don’t have time to clean the fins, you can take the bike to the VOC automotive service center or call as it is the best doorstep bike service in Bangalore.


  1. Tyre pressure and tyre tread: The companies recommend different air pressure in front wheels and hind wheels based on their size. For example, if a company recommends 33 psi for a tyre according to its size, then in summers, you should fill one to two psi less air. In summers, when the temperature rises, all elements, be they solid, liquid, or gas, expand. Sometimes due to heat, the tyre even bursts. The tyre tread also wears out in summer due to too much heat on the road. So you must take care that the tyre should not be too worn out. If it becomes too old, you must change the tyres before summer hits.


  1. Engine oil level: Engine oil cleans and lubricates all the moving parts of the engine and acts as a coolant. So it is essential to maintain the correct quantity, quality, and grade of engine oil in the engine. For changing the engine oil, you can contact VOC automotive. VOC automotive is the best bike service center in Bangalore.


  1. Change/top-up coolant: If there is a liquid cool engine given in your bike, then you must have observed that there is a top-up coolant reservoir. This coolant through the radiator keeps rotating around the engine and keeps it cool. So you must check the coolant in the summers. If its level is less, then you must top-up. It is because, with time, the heat absorption capacity of the coolant decreases. If you use it for a long time, it becomes like water and does not cool the engine properly. So check the coolant in summers and you either change it or top-up.


  1. Ensure radiator fan working: If there is a liquid cool engine given in your bike, you must ensure that your radiator fan is working. When on your bike, when the temperature crosses a hundred degrees, the radiator fan gets started. Sometimes, due to electric problems or high water pressure, the radiator fan may stop working while washing the bike. So in summers, you must ensure that the radiator fan is working.

If you want to keep your bike going smoothly, even in summers, you can contact VOC automotive as we are one of the best bike services in Bangalore.

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