What will happen when the tyre gets older

What will happen when the tyre gets older

A tyre is an essential part of any vehicle. When the tyre gets older, then its tread reduces. When the tread reduces, then any sharp object can easily penetrate the tyre. An old tyre tends to deflate quickly, making it prone to getting punctured often. So, the old tyres can be dangerous for your vehicles and should be changed. The old tyres can burst, and that can cause an accident. It is therefore not safe to continue with the old tyres. So, the critical thing to know is when to change the tyres? When and how will we know that the tyre is getting old and needs to be changed?

We should do the following to decide if it is time to change the tyres.


  1. Check cracks in the tyre: When the tyre gets old and ages, it develops fine cracks. With time, the tyre goes through heat and cooling cycles. It becomes hot during the day and becomes cold during the night. These are called the heat cycles. After many heat cycles, the rubber loses its flexibility. The more the fine cracks increase, the more the tyre’s chances of bursting increases.

It is therefore important to keep monitoring fine cracks. If the density of cracks increases and if the width of cracks increases, you will have to change the tyre without any further delay. If you want to get your tyre checked, visit VOC automotive, the best bike service center in Bangalore.


  1. More punctures mean more problems: Another main factor in changing the tyre is a puncture. If there are too many punctures, then they may damage your tyre. When the tyre gets punctured, a puncture needle is inserted deep inside the tyre to fix it. This could damage the steel plates inside it. Once the steel plate gets damaged, then the parameter of the tyre to retain its shape gets cut. It tends to bulge from the areas where there were punctures. Hence, the shape becomes uneven. This causes the tyre to bounce due to these bulges. If you have already had more than five punctures, you will have to change the tyre.


  1. Inspection of tyre that has run extra: If your tyre has run for a sufficiently long time, it is time you inspect it thoroughly. The manufacturing company would have given some grooves on the tyre and if those become worn out, it is an indicator that it is time to change the tyre. It is a common belief that tyres could be used until they completely lose the grip; however, that is not true. If a tyre is used until the grip is completely lost, then during monsoons or rainy season the vehicle may skid and this could lead to major accidents or injuries.


  1. Check tyre manufacturing year: There is clear instruction from every manufacturing company that you must change the tyre every 3-4 years. Sometimes, when you order a tyre online, you have to spend at least 1000-1500 rupees for fitting it, and then you get to know that the tyre is old. So you must see the manufacturing. There are four digits given on the tyre. The first two digits indicate weeks and the last two digits indicate years.


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