Best bike service app

Best bike service app

VOC automotive gives its customers the privilege of a bike service app in Bangalore. It is convenient for two-wheeler owners, and it has many benefits. However, before we look into the benefits, let us know how to book the service from the app.


How to book bike service through the app?

You can book the bike for servicing using an app on the mobile. The name of the app is VOC rider. You can download it from the Play Store. You can log in to the app by using your mobile number and password. At VOC automotive, we have the best customer-friendly service products. You can choose whichever service you want to get done from the menu. Our services are easily accessible due to the mobile app. You can make the payment using the UPI app or through net banking.  


Benefits of online bike service 

There are many benefits of booking the service of your two-wheeler through the app. Here are some of the essential benefits:


1. Vehicle live track: When the vehicle goes to the garage for servicing, the customer does not know what is happening with the two-wheeler. However, when you book an online service with VOC automotive, you will be able to track your vehicle service in real-time. You will be able to track each stage with the time of vehicle service. Live tracking will give you satisfaction and update you about what is happening in the garage with your vehicle and what services are performed on your two-wheeler. 

So if you want complete satisfaction regarding your vehicle service, VOC automotive is the best two-wheeler service center in Bangalore.


2. Vehicle job history: At VOC automotive, we maintain the database about your vehicle. Every time you give your two-wheeler for service, it will be noted, and you will have a vehicle job history updated in your app. You can look at your job history and learn about the date and time when you last gave your vehicle for service and when the next one is due. So you can schedule your service by booking at an online bike service in Bangalore. 

3. Service reminder: For vehicle maintenance, it is necessary to service it from time to time or at least once in six months. So based on your service date, we send you a service reminder for the vehicle’s service. So even if you miss your service date due to your busy schedule, you will get an intimation from our service center. If you want to be on schedule with your service, you can download the Rider app and book your vehicle for service from the best two-wheeler service center in Bangalore.


4. Service booking: You can easily book your service from the comfort of your home, and you will get confirmation from our side. If your schedule is busy, our service executive will come and pick up your vehicle, and after the service, drop your two-wheeler at your home for free.


VOC provides you two-wheeler service anytime, anywhere. We also provide spare parts for your two-wheeler. We have spare parts for all brands as we are the best multi-brand bike service center in Bangalore.


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