Smart Rider app for your convenience

Smart Rider app for your convenience
VOC automotive, a multi-brand two-wheeler service center, has a smart Rider app for your convenience. If you want to book the service and maintenance of your two-wheeler, this app helps you do it.
What are the benefits of using the Intelligent Rider app?
The smart rider app is customer-centric.
There are the following benefits of using the smart Rider app:

  1. Books your service: Earlier, if we needed to service our bike, we would take it to the service center personally and drop the two-wheeler there. Now no such hassle is required. We have a much easy option to use an app to book the service. You can put all the details of your two-wheeler and book your service through the app. The smart rider app by VOC does just that.
  2. Reminds about service: The smart rider app or the VOC app also keeps track of your services and reminds you when your vehicle’s service is due. It makes life easy for the users as they do not have to remember the date of when they did their last service. It is like a blessing for the users in the modern-day hectic life schedule where one has so many things to remember. It is quite a respite that you don’t have to remember, and an app is there to remind you of when the service is due.
  3. Keeps track of all the job history of the vehicle:
    The smart rider app by VOC automotive, which is the best two-wheeler service center in Bangalore, keeps track of the job history. It means that whatever work is done on the vehicle during the past services, this app records it. So, for example, you will know when they last changed the oil filter and if one needs to change it with this service or not.
  4. Live track of the vehicle: With VOC, the best two-wheeler service center in Bangalore, one can be assured that their two-wheeler is being tended to.
    At every step of the service, you can track the progress of the service. It gives you complete satisfaction regarding your vehicle’s service.
  5. Easy access: With the VOC smart rider app, you can easily access your vehicle and its mechanics working on the two-wheeler. The live track makes it possible to call in and convey the same to the mechanic if you don’t want a job to be done to your two-wheeler.

How to use the intelligent rider app:
One can use the VOC rider app to book one’s bike’s service. To use this app, you need first to download the app from the Play Store.
You have to log in to the app using your mobile number and create a password. After the successful login, you can book the service. You can make your selection through the menu. You can make the payment using the UPI app.
VOC automotive, the multi-brand bike service center, also provides roadside assistance through its toll-free number: 1800-5723-606.

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