Bike Maintenance: Tips to keep your two-wheeler in top shape

Bike Maintenance: Tips to keep your two-wheeler in top shape

Bike Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Two Wheeler In Top Shape (1)

Buying a new bike can be an exciting time for customers. We all love to keep our things as though they are brand new for as long as possible. Proper maintenance of your bike or any automobile for that matter can reward you with a longer vehicle life as well as significantly decrease running costs incurred during your ownership of the bike. Regular service at a reputed bike service centre is of course one of the safer ways to maintain your two-wheeler for long. However, you can check certain elements frequently, to ensure all functionalities are in order, though you get it serviced regularly.


1. Engine Oil:

VOC, the largest multi brand bike service centre in India market engine oil which is Synthetic motor oil highly superior in comparison to conventional oil and hence ideal. Being synthetic, VOC oil possesses the inherent feature of the strongest performance and protection from corrosion.

VOC oil minimizes deposit formation while operating at high temperatures of long or continuous riding, prevents vapor lock problems, and provides adequate lubrication at low temperatures as well. This property helps in easy starting, minimum wearing off, and less drain on starter systems. Under standard operating conditions, it is to be noted that, VOC oil drain time is around 5000-6000 KMs unlike regular oil, which needs to be changed at 2500-3000 KMs. A simple way to avoid any issues would be to check the oil level after every service and get your old oil changed at the right time. Bathed in oil, the engine is well lubricated and has a tremendous cooling effect. However, as time passes, the levels of oil in the engine can recede, or impurities can make the oil thick and viscous which is not good for your engine and can result even in the piston seize which will have only option to look out for a good two-wheeler repair shop.

2. Tyres:

Tyres are from various manufacturers and models. Front Tyre is different from the Rear; hence it should be interchanged. Whichever brand you choose, with time there will be a lot of wear and tear resulting in the treads of your tyres. If they are tubeless Tyres, look for minute punchers, in case the air pressure is less

3. Clean Air Filter:

The air filter is an important part of your bike and needs to be cleaned at regular intervals. If dust and other materials get stuck in the air filter, the intake of air by your bike will be adversely affected. This will result in poor fuel combustion which will eventually result in severe engine damage.

4. Get your Transmission Inspected:

The sprockets of your bike chain need to be inspected at regular intervals and checked for any damage. Apart from this, they also need regular application of grease. A good bike maintenance tip is to make sure that your motorcycle chain has a free play of not more than 2 to 4 mm.

5. Take care of your Battery:

Your bike battery is one of the simplest components to take care of as it is essential for starting some models of Bikes. Battery terminals to be tightly fixed and appropriately greased or sealed. Check the level of distilled water in your battery frequently. It is easier to start a manual bike than an automatic one as a kick-start motorcycle that has a small displacement engine, such as 250 CCs or smaller. If a motorcycle with smaller CC has a kick-starter, you can usually get enough compression from the engine to help start the motorcycle without the power from the battery. On the other hand, if it is an automatic starter, it is not possible to start your Bike without a battery.

6. Engine Maintenance:

Keeping your Bike’s engine tuned regularly is something that will reduce your running costs by giving you better mileage. The carburetor is to be kept clean at all times as well as make sure that the gaps of your spark plug are set correctly. All of these minute details will have a great positive impact on the functioning of your Bike.

7. Get the Clutch Adjusted:

Just like understanding the different types of tyres and the importance of their pressure can improve the performance of your bike, getting your clutch serviced at regular times pays dividends as well. Make sure that the clutch has the right amount of free play when serviced. Clutch play is important to reduce unwanted pressure on the engine.

8. Regularly replace Brake Pads:

Correct & timely braking of your bikes is very important. Make sure that they are effective and can be a crucial safety factor. If your brakes are screeching, replace them right away.

9. Maintain a Slow Riding Speed:

Maintaining a slow & constant speed reduces the fuel consumption of your bike and keeps the engine in good shape.

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