7 Amazing Bike Maintenance Tips in the Rainy Season

7 Amazing Bike Maintenance Tips in the Rainy Season

Bike Maintenance Tips in Rainy Season


The rainy season is when we need to take extra care of our bike or two-wheeler. It is because compared to other seasons, there is more breakdown or accidents in this season.

So in this blog, let us discuss seven bike maintenance tips in the rainy season.

1. Mechanical and electrical servicing: If you have not done the service of your bike or two-wheeler and it is time for service, you should get a thorough service done. In this service, you have to take care of the way you do service of mechanical parts that you should, but besides that, you should also check all the electrical components, wiring, batter, and actuator. These electrical parts need to work efficiently during the rainy season at night. VOC is a Multi-brand two-wheeler service center for all your service needs.

2. Brakes: It is generally seen that a bike’s braking efficiency is reduced during the rainy season. So what you have to do is if in your bike there is a drum brake, then you should open the drum and clean it. If there is a disc brake on your bike, then you should check your brake oil.

If you need the top up, do the top up, or if the brake oil has ruined, then you should change the brake oil.

VOC is the best two-wheeler service center in Bangalore for all these types of work. One should also change the brake pad’s rubber in the rainy season because if it becomes worn out, the pad’s grip with the rotter remains loose and starts to slip.

When at high speed, we apply brakes, then the chances of skidding of the vehicle increases in the rainy season. So brake pad rubbers should also be changed. VOC has multi-brand two-wheeler service center in Bangalore, which can help with brake maintenance.

3. Tyres: A mistake people make is that they keep using it until their tyre tread doesn’t get worn out. During the rainy season, the road gets slippery, so when you apply brakes and when the tyre tread is not good, the chances of skidding increase. You should check the tyre during the rainy season and change it if needed.

VOC is the multi-brand two-wheeler service center for all your bike’s needs.

4. Lubrication of levers and cables: When we talk about levers then, we have to take care of the brake lever, clutch lever, and gear lever, and when we refer to cables, we have to take care of the accelerator cable, brake cable and choke cable in the rainy season. Rainy season entails that the chances of rusting of these levers and cables increase due to water, reducing the capacity of these components. So you can use lubricant spray to prevent the cables and levers from rusting. You can take the help of the VOC multi-brand two-wheeler service center to take care of these components.

5. Chain-drive set: If your bike has an open chain system, it is likely to get a lot of dirt during the rainy season. Since it is the chain that takes the engine’s power to the tyres on the back side, it is essential to clean it and lubricate it. For cleaning your chain, you can take it to VOC, the best two-wheeler service center in Bangalore.

6. Air filter: In the rainy season, there is a lot of moisture in the air, so the air does not go correctly into the cylinder as the air filter gets jammed. It reduces the mileage of the bike. So you can either clean the air filter or get it changed. VOC, the best online bike service provider in Bangalore, can help you with this.

7. Parking: Since the engine and other parts all remain exposed in a two-wheeler if left out in the rainy season, the chances of rusting the parts increase. It is best to park the bike in the shade, or you can also cover it.


To maintain your two-wheeler in the rainy season, you can take it to the VOC’s multi-brand two-wheeler showroom in Bangalore for servicing and maintenance.

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