Is your Bike Monsoon ready?

Is your Bike Monsoon ready?

Bike Monsoon Ready

VOC Automotive is a multi-brand two-wheeler service centre and the best one-stop solution for all your two-wheeler maintenance and service needs. Our approach to all our customers is through our digital services. VOC Automotive two-wheeler service centre provides unique product subscription plans offering undoubtedly the best budget-friendly services to all our clients.

As we are approaching the monsoon season, it is imperative to be well-prepared to manage your two-wheelers protecting them against the heavy downpour thus ensuring that your bike is monsoon ready.

Focus on tyres and brakes

Tyres ensure that your two-wheeler stays upright. The two-wheeler maintenance for your bike requires the ideal tyre pressure to be maintained for which you would need to invest in a good brand.  Tyres should be able to channel water through their grooves to maintain traction with the surface to avoid slipping and skidding.  The brake pads with stopping power have to always be available whenever you need them.  Make sure that the brake oil levels are maintained.  As brakes are your life-saver component, the levers and cables have to be intact and any adjustments or replacements needed have to be done without a second thought.  VOC Automotive, a multi-brand two-wheeler service centre in Bangalore, will ensure the smooth running of your bike and your safety is our utmost priority.

Battery and electricals

If the electrical components of a bike such as any cables or contact points show any signs of wear & tear they need to be replaced. The life of a two-wheeler battery is generally three to four years after which a new unit has to be installed to avoid your chances of getting stranded on a monsoon day.  As visibility becomes an issue during monsoon make sure all lights such as the headlights, taillights, stop lights, and indicators have to be in working condition. The bike’s horn has to be heard loud and clear. The overall switchgear has to be well-checked and those with repair and showing early signs of failure will have to be replaced.

Keep it clean and well-maintained

A regular good bike wash using pressure is essential to water down and clear all the mud, dirt, and stubborn stains accumulated. After the bike wash, keep your bike clean and dry.  This little extra effort goes a long way to enhance the longevity of your much-loved bike.

If you have uninstalled the mudguard for aesthetic purposes, get it reinstalled as they play a major role to keep the bike clean by stopping the rainwater from the tyres from being sprayed on the bike.  Also, keep your bike well-lubricated with engine oil and bike grease for good performance.  Lastly, the drive chain also has to be well-lubricated.

General Maintenance

Your two-wheeler maintenance includes on-time services at VOC Automotive the multi-brand two-wheeler service centre in Bangalore. Top up all the fluids; check the brakes of your bike, and spark plugs.

VOC Automotive, the multi-brand two-wheeler service centre in Bangalore has well-designed, thoughtful, and digitally-enabled subscription plans for our customers. We have proved to be way far better than the traditional service modes and have seven service centres across Bangalore, and five service centres in Karnataka.  Our other service centres are located in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

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