Which is the Best Bike Service App?

Which is the Best Bike Service App?

Best Bike Service App

VOC the largest Two-wheeler repair shop – VOC automotive, render service for multi-brand two-wheelers in the country. To make the process of getting a two-wheeler serviced or repaired, support of technology has been used.

Smart rider app and Smart dealer app from VOC are examples were technology is used.

Smart rider App is for two-wheeler riders. Download now to enjoy the offers declared at VOC and ensure hassle free maintenance of your two-wheeler.

We at VOC Automotive understands that:

  • Customers are on the lookout for convenience and trustworthy services.
  • A good mechanic can hardly be differentiated from the bad one.
  • Vast majority of customers experienced that their complaints were not resolved
  • Spurious spare parts are significantly penetrated into the local market.

To overcome this bottle-neck and other related ones, VOC launched these two different Apps.

Smart rider App

App based two-wheeler services for the first time in India only from VOC. You can download the App from the play store and enjoy the benefits of VOC. If you want your Bike to be serviced or tracked, it is now at your fingertips. The app reminds you, once your Bike is due for service. Your nearest location of the VOC service center could also be traced. Like-wise you stay connected to your two-wheeler service center and at the same time ensure to keep you posted on offers and discounts from VOC if any from time to time. The app is of extreme use, on multiple occasions namely;

  • Breakdown: Any time vehicle breakdown request could be submitted. Based on the information provided, preparation will be done for the Service
  • Pick & Drop: If required Pick & drop from home, office or market will be done
  • Door Step: Doorstep service is also provided if the customer wants to get service in-front & at his convenience place
  • Self-drive: The customer only drops the vehicle based on the information provided in the Mobile applications

Choose your neighbourhood location of VOC service centre by using our App.

Whether it is a break-down service, pickup & drop or doorstep service or you are self-riding, the Smart rider App from VOC is the single answer.

Smart Rider App for smart riders like you

  • Book bike servicing
  • Track the status of your bike service
  • Get alerts and updates on offers & discounts
  • Tension free ride

Smart Dealer App

The real-time advantages of digitized services are made available through VOC analytics, business intelligence and organized operations in Dealer App. Considering the rise in the number of bike service scope, staying connected with VOC, not only is the best option available for a faster ROI, but also aids in online bike service, especially in a city like Bangalore

As a Dealer of VOC, you can reduce the gap between what is promised and what is delivered. App gives you digital data, track or manage your Orders, manage ongoing jobs, manage resource, manage services, manage offers and manage payments.

Our Dealer App, helps you to;

  • improve the processes & increase the level of accessibility of customers & seamlessly connect and interact with individuals.
  • process of targeting potential customers in a very specific, geographically limited area sometimes a few blocks or streets.
  • build a mobile app for your business and enhance customer loyalty.
  • directly communicate with your customers.
  • a greater impact on customers being a Dealer of VOC.

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