How to Choose Best Bike Service Centre

How to Choose Best Bike Service Centre

Choose best bike service centre

Choosing a good two-wheeler maintenance centre is a major decision which you need to take before giving your two-wheeler for servicing. This being the turning point, there are certain features, you need to find out, online or of line while shortlisting the service centre.

Resources: The service centre should have adequate resources, both manpower as well as materials to perform services for any brands and models of two-wheelers. Inorder to keep our Technicians, updated, frequent training is conducted by VOC and hence one can be assured of the quality. A qualified service Technician for two-wheeler understands and know basic technology & functioning of various components & component system of a two-wheeler. He will have adequate knowledge on manufactures specifications related to the various components in the vehicle, so that there is compatibility.

Latest Technology: Another factor is the Technology advancement achieved in every business into a better version in this contemporary era, and the automotive sector is no exception. Like in case of the other sectors, multiple technologies have been innovated in the vehicle marketplace to make two wheelers more efficient and provide a more pleasant and safer ride experience to the users. Constant updation is the only solution and that is we at VOC ensure. Staff of VOC undergo regular trainings to upgrade their knowledge.

Making your life easier: Application of novel technology is yet another feature to be looked while choosing a service centre for your two-wheeler. How advanced is the unit in embracing technology. Download our Smart rider App from the play store and enjoy the benefits from VOC. If you want your Bike to be serviced or tracked, now it is at your fingertips.  App reminds you, once your Bike is due for service. Your nearest location of VOC service centre could also be traced. Like-wise you stay connected to your two-wheeler service centre and at the same time ensuring to keep you posted on offers and discounts from VOC, if any from time to time. App is of extreme use, on multiple occasions namely;

  • Breakdown: Any time vehicle breakdown request could be submitted. Based on information provided, preparation will be done for the Service
  • Pick & Drop: If required Pick & drop from home, office or market will be done
  • Door Step: Doorstep service also provided if customer want to get service in-front & at his convenient place
  • Self-drive: Customer only drop the vehicle based on the information provided in the Mobile applications

Two-wheeler accessories: The most important feature which one should consider while choosing a service centre for your two-wheeler is the availability of spare parts, accessories and lubricants. Due to wear and tear, some of the parts may require replacement. If these have to be purchased by you or the service unit, then it will delay the whole process and if the respective, service unit purchases the spares then there can be a room for lack in transparency. VOC authorised service points or dealers harbour spares, so that in the event of any replacements, the same could be swiftly replaced. For example, while servicing two-wheelers, it is a practice to change Oil. One is not sure about the oil used. However the life of an engine is largely dependent on what oil is being used in engine. Why VOC Oil?  VOC has its own brand of Engine oil – Synthetic motor oil – highly superior in comparison to conventional oil for multiple reasons. Under standard operating conditions, VOC oil drain time is around 5000-6000 KMs unlike regular oil, which needs to be changed at 2500-3000 KMs. Owing to this, higher drain time, VOC oil is economical when compared to conventional. Experts at VOC are skilled to choose based on cc of your bike. Starting from 10w30 Engine oil, VOC offers a range of lubricants.

The last but not the least point to note while looking for in a good two-wheeler maintenance centre is the accessibility. Smart Rider App will help you in multiple ways. One of its feature is to locate the nearest VOC service station.

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