Bike Mechanic coming at Home – Then and Now

Bike Mechanic coming at Home – Then and Now

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Two-wheeler maintenance is a task that every Bike owner has to go through. If you don’t maintain your bike or two-wheeler well, it can stop in the middle of the road. It can be the most annoying thing for you. However, it need not be as irritating now as these days the bike mechanics are coming home and doing bike repairs if it breaks down. At VOC, the best bike service in Bangalore, we even have roadside assistance where we tow your vehicle to the service station if it breaks down in the middle of the road.

The current scenario is a stark contrast to the days of our father and grandfather, as back then, we did not have such facilities. You may remember that your father had to drag the vehicle on his own if it broke down on his way to work. If you were more privileged, you had a known mechanic who could come to your home to repair the bike. However, those days were different, and even mechanics preferred that you bring the vehicle to their garage, where they had all their tools to work on your bike.

Nowadays, the story is different. A mechanic can come to your doorstep if your bike does not start at home or breaks down. VOC is a bike service center that provides two-wheeler service at home in Bangalore. In case of a problem with your vehicle, you can call our center, and our service executive will arrive with his toolkit and do the necessary work on your bike.

So how the whole experience is different between then and now?

  1. Services are more accessible now: Nowadays, it is easier to access the services of the mechanics because it is not mandatory to take your vehicle to the service station, as was the case before. Now you only have to call the service center, and the person will come to either pick up your vehicle or do the service at your doorstep. VOC is the best doorstep bike service in Bangalore and is very easily accessible.
  2. Services make life convenient now: Unlike the earlier days, the services of a mechanic have become more convenient as you don’t have to go anywhere. The service executive comes and delivers it to your home. This type of convenience was not available to our father or our grandfather.
  3. Technology has changed lives for the better now:

Now you can call a number from your mobile, and the mechanic will reach your home. Technology like mobile phones, apps, and websites have made the whole experience of dealing with mechanics very easy.

You can get your bike repair done in no time.

  1. You can save more time and energy now: When the bike mechanic comes home and does repair your bike, it saves time and energy for you that was not possible earlier.


With the advent of technology and customer-friendly services, it is possible to get the bike repair done at home now, which was not possible earlier. A bike service center like VOC provides the best doorstep bike service in Bangalore.  It is a blessing if your bike does not start and you have to rush to the office during the morning office hour.

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