5 Points That you must Check While Buying New Bike or Scooter

5 Points That you must Check While Buying New Bike or Scooter

The happiness of riding a two-wheeler is beyond words. The joy of riding across various terrains is nothing but sheer magic. When you think of a motorcycle you have different views. Some think of it as a transportation means for their home-office routine. Others think it’s a degree of freedom and they can go on holiday trips with their friends. There is a segment that attributes the two-wheeler as a mode of status symbol. There is a vast range of choices and opting for the right one can be a little overwhelming as every manufacturer has unique selling points that differentiate it from the others.

A lot of two-wheelers lure you with the engineering or design skills that come with them. Your need and interest will help you buy the apt bike of your choice. Buying a bike might not be easy as you will be pampered with a rich set of choices that come with today’s two-wheeler. There are a few vital factors before making the final decision and finally help you to buy your favourite two-wheeler – bike or scooter, from its respective showroom. Through this blog, we at VOC Automotive will help you with a few points to check before buying a new two-wheeler.

Mileage: Mileage is one aspect to be checked before buying any vehicle. It is nothing but the distance it can cover with one litre of fuel. With the ever-rising prices of fuel, it is a need to know the mileage of the two-wheeler. A good two-wheeler on average will give you 35 – 40 kmpl.

Brand: A two-wheeler is an asset that will take care of your commute needs for a longer period of time. Zeroing in on a well-known brand of two-wheeler will assure you of getting a quality product. There are plenty of two-wheeler manufacturers in the market like TVS, Hero Motocorp, Honda, Mahindra, Suzuki, etc. Choosing the best brand is important when it is time for the resale value to be assessed. The above-mentioned names are highly rated and trusted by the Indian biking community.

Weight and Height: While evaluating the best two-wheeler for you must take a test ride. You should check the weight of the vehicle as it is a crucial factor that aids in comfortable handling. If the two-wheeler’s weight is too heavy to handle, then try out lighter choices stocked in the market. Also, you must check the height of the two-wheeler as its height is right when your feet reach the ground for balancing. If the height is too high then handling will be arduous.

Service Centre: One must survey the service centre of a particular brand and identify the locations. In case of a mishap, it will be difficult to haul your two-wheeler to a service centre located far away. The service centre of a brand or even an authorised one must be situated near your home. Prior to choosing a particular brand, do find the site of their service centre so that you do not make long trips for servicing and repairs.

Reviews: One final step to selecting your favourite two-wheeler is to browse the internet and read on reviews of motorcycles and scooters. Skim through the automotive websites and the stories on them to better understand intricate details. Locate actual reviews and gauge the pros and cons of the two-wheelers. You may read some interesting user reviews here.

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