5 Tips to Maintain your Bike in Good Condition in Summer

5 Tips to Maintain your Bike in Good Condition in Summer

Summer is when there is so much heat that it becomes difficult to endure. You want to take your bike out and ride in the evenings. However, do you know that your motorcycle, too, needs special care during summer? You must follow some steps to keep it in good condition in summer.

So what can you do to maintain your bike in good condition in summer? You can use the following tips; your bike will give you the ride you want.

  1. Clean engine fins: The role of engine fins is significant, but in summer, we need to take extra care of them. It is because the heat of combustion chambers goes into the fins. The outside air goes into the fins and cools them. So if it gets dirty and then at the top of that the hot summer air hits it, it becomes very hot. So keeping the engine fins clean during the summer would help.
  2. Check the engine oil: Engine oil also works as a coolant, besides providing lubrication to the bike. So you must check the engine oil level in your bike, and if it is less than the required level, then you should top up the engine oil. Also, sometimes the engine oil becomes dirty, so you should change it. If you want to care for your bike and maintain it through service, VOC is the bike service center in Bangalore, where we also do bike repair.
  3. Maintain optimum tyre pressure: During the summers, the gases and air expand, resulting in the tyre’s bursting. So the tyre pressure should be less by one or two PSI. If you keep pressure higher than the recommended, the tyre may get damaged, and if you keep the pressure less than the recommended, you get less mileage from your bike. So you should maintain optimum pressure during the summer. At VOC, we check tyre pressure and offer bike repair if your tyre bursts from excess pressure.
  4. Clean the air filter: The air mixes with the petrol during combustion in your bike. The air comes from the atmosphere. So you should clean the air filter properly during the summer.

At VOC, we clean air filters and service the bike as it is one of the best bike service centers in Bangalore.

  1. Clean the chain and lubricate it: The chain is essential in moving the bike forward. The hind tyre moves forward because of the chain. So it would help if you adequately lubricated the chain. It would be good to keep it clean during the summer.

At VOC, we also provide doorstep bike service, clean the chain, and lubricate it.


Summer is when you need to be extra cautious and take care of your bike to run smoothly. VOC is a two-wheeler repair shop where we repair two-wheelers of all brands and keep them running smoothly in all seasons.

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