Bike Starting trouble in Cold Winters

Bike Starting trouble in Cold Winters

Cold Weathers

The serene joy of riding in the cold is a treat for many. While to be honest, here the winter season gets its challenges. Now handling the cold season issues is something that every bike or two-wheeler owner manages accordingly to the way they feel comfortable. But the technical problems that occur during this season are common to all.

Some of the reasons for the bike or two-wheeler’s trouble during winters.

A bike may not start in the winter or cold season owing to the battery, since they don’t perform well in lower temperatures. The capacity of the battery is lower when the outside ambient air is freezing. Engine oil is another factor because it is thicker when it is cold, and thicker oil can make it harder for the engine to start.

Servicing the bike before the winter season can ensure everything is working perfectly on the bike. And a healthy bike is easier to start in the cold season as well. Having routine servicing and maintenance of your favourite bike before every season is very important. VOC bike service centre is a one-stop solution for all your bike issues. They have an excellent staff who are well trained in their work and specialized in various ways. VOC is a multiple brand bike service centre. One of the reasonable service centres.

Some of the other options are keeping the bike indoors like in the garage, under a shelter or in a covered area during the cold season to make sure that the bike is away from the cold winds and other factors that affect and drop the temperature of the bike.

Fuel: If your bike sits for a long period with the fuel in it, you can expect that fuel to break down in the tank and cause damage. This can also be one of the reasons for trouble in starting.

Spark plugs: A spark plug in the bike; it ignites the spark in your engine that fires it up. If they are fouled out, you may experience difficulties starting the bike during the cold season.

Carburettor: The carbureted models are more susceptible to having cold start problems. This is because carburettors have a hard time enriching fuel during start-up. Since EFI systems are computerised, the computer can adjust the air-fuel mixture. If you have a carburettor bike that you find hard to start in the morning be sure you are using the choke. The choke valve cuts the airflow to the carburettors and allows for higher fuel-air mixtures that help the bike to start easier. 


Well, these are some of the reasons that can cause trouble in starting a bike during the winter season. To avoid such trouble in future you should have good servicing of your bike and regular maintaining with VOC  the beast bike service centre.

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