Features of Maintenance Subscription

Features of Maintenance Subscription

Features of Maintenance

If you are a bike owner, you expect excellent services for your bike from the service center. So VOC, the best bike service center in Bangalore, has come up with a valuable offer for its customers.

This offer is a two-wheeler maintenance subscription. 

It is the first time any service center has offered such a subscription in the two-wheeler industry. It covers regular periodic maintenance parts to increase the life of the vehicle. The duration of the subscription plan is 12000 kilometers or twelve months, whichever is earlier. The subscription plan benefits start ninety days from the sale or 3000 kilometers from the purchase duration.

Here are some important features of the maintenance subscription:

  1. Forty-eight periodic maintenance parts are covered: The maintenance subscription covers forty-eight maintenance parts, which will be replaced for free. The benefit to the customer is the efficient replacement of the parts for up to one year.
  1. Reliable and genuine parts: Customers often face problems regarding the reliability of auto parts when they give their bikes for service. At VOC, the multi-brand two-wheeler service center, with this subscription plan, you can rest assured of the reliability of the parts. We ensure that you will get genuine parts.  
  2. Transferable in case the vehicle changes hands: The maintenance subscription is transferable in case the vehicle is sold and changes hands. So the subscription can be offered as an added advantage to the customer at the time of the sale.
  3. Services by expert technicians of VOC: The maintenance subscription includes services by expert technicians of VOC, which is the best bike service in Bangalore. VOC has expert technicians who have multiple years of experience. 
  4. Across India validity: VOC, the multi-brand bike service center, has a pan-India presence. So the maintenance subscription is valid across India.
  5. Duration – 12 months or 12000 kilometers: VOC’s maintenance subscription duration is 12 months or 12000 kilometers, whichever is earlier.  


The maintenance subscription by VOC is one of its kind offer for two-wheelers and is highly beneficial for two-wheeler owners. So, if you have a two-wheeler, you will immensely benefit from this subscription. This subscription will take care of all your service-related and parts-related needs.

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