Two-wheeler Insurance

Two-wheeler Insurance

Two Wheeler Insurance 2

Bike rides are joyful rides for the owners, to keep the joy intact you should take care of your bike with regular service and maintenance. This is not only the priority there is something else for this like getting insurance for your bike. Bike insurance is also known as the two-wheeler insurance policy. It is a policy between the owner and the insurance policy provider.

What is two-wheeler insurance?

Two-wheeler insurance is an insurance policy, which is mandatory by the government of India. This falls under the general insurance policy. The bad conditions of the road coupled with rash driving increase the chances for accidents. An accident can cause damage to the vehicle to inflict, injuries or sometimes even result in loss of life. Now, this is where the insurance company comes in handy.

The insurance company covers the cost of the damage that occurred to the bike by the third party, or even by the bike owner himself, this essentially protects the bike owner financially in the occurrence of any unforeseen events like theft or natural disaster or a road accident.

Along with the insurance, the safety of the bike like service and maintenance is very important. VOC bike service centre is one of the trusted bike repair centres for your bike. We at VOC have a well-trained staff of technicians and mechanics, with quality service, and affordable and pocket-friendly quotations.

Some of the benefits of having two-wheeler insurance are that if you own a bike and ride you have a lot of advantages, for example, buying and maintaining a two-wheeler is much cheaper than a car. Despite this being an advantage, riding a two-wheeler is dangerous. The conditions of the roads are bad and the heavy traffic are reasons why you should take that extra care of your two-wheeler with regular services and maintenance. So, we at VOC bike service centre are here to take that responsibility for your bike repair and two wheeler servicing.


To have that carefree and safe ride on your bike and enjoy all the benefits and security, you should always have insurance for your bike. This way you can claim the cover or any losses caused by any mishap or accidents and thefts of the bike and get that extra protection for your bike.

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