What is the reason for the low mileage in a bike?

What is the reason for the low mileage in a bike?

reason for the low mileage in a bike

Mileage is the capacity of the engine to travel a certain distance using a specific quantity of petrol, diesel, or gas as fuel. 

Every bike gives different mileage in different driving conditions. Also, it depends on how you drive your bike and what are your driving habits. 

However, some minor technical reasons also reduce the mileage of a vehicle. Let us discuss them one by one.

  1. Clutch or gear lever issue: Often, the clutch is not adjusted correctly. It may be too loose or too tight. It impacts the mileage of the bike. It is because whatever power the engine produces, the clutch sends it to the gearbox.The gear lever also plays an essential role in mileage. So it should be checked by the mechanic. VOC is a bike service center. where you can get your bike serviced.
  2. Condition of chain: Chain condition also plays a crucial role in increasing the mileage. If the chain is too loose, it is better not to drive the bike until it is appropriately set. If the chain gets loose, it takes a lot of power, resulting in a loss of mileage. You can show your bike at the bike service center. if you want to check your chain.
  3. Tyre pressure and wheels: The weight of our entire vehicle falls on the tyre and wheels. If the wheel gets old and jammed, then the wheel’s rotation gets jammed too. It impacts the mileage. Besides this, the tyre pressure should be correct, and it is essential to fill the air in the tyre periodically. If the tyre pressure is low, the mileage will be low. So one should check the tyre and wheel condition at a bike service center.
  4. Air filter: People generally don’t relate mileage with air filters, but it also impacts the mileage. If the air filter is full of dirt, then in the engine cylinder more petrol goes, and the quantity of air that goes into it becomes less. It results in low mileage.
  5. Engine oil: For a bike to have good mileage, it is essential to have good quality, quantity, and the correct grade of engine oil. 

Sometimes, you service the bike at the bike service center and yet realize that the mileage is low. It may be due to the leakage of the engine oil. If the engine oil is leaking, you will see black smoke coming out of the silencer of your bike. Whatever the cause, if engine oil is low, it will result in overheating, which will result in low mileage. If you find the problem of low mileage persisting, you must check the engine oil.


The above-discussed factors are responsible for low mileage. If you find a problem with low mileage, you can get it checked at a bike service center. VOC is the best bike service center in Bangalore. We will help you resolve the problem of low mileage completely.

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