Winter problems and solutions for your bike

Winter problems and solutions for your bike

Solutions for your Bike

Winter is around the corner, and we all prepare for it by taking out our woolen clothes. We do it to protect ourselves in the winter. In the same way, our bike also needs protection in the winter. As the weather changes, your bike may develop some technical problems, which can be prevented if you prepare. VOC, the best bike service center in Bangalore, can help you with pre-winter servicing needs. So let us discuss the problems that you may face as a bike owner and its solution:

  1. Starting trouble and solution: In the winter, the bike does not start quickly. It takes a lot of trouble to start a bike in the winter. So what is the solution to this problem? The solution is to tune the carburetor to a rich mixture. The work of a carburetor is to mix air and petrol and send it into the engine’s cylinder. It helps the bike to move forward. In the winter, if you tune the carburetor to send the rich mixture, which means more petrol and less air, you will not have the starting problem. You can come to VOC for two-wheeler servicing. Use the Choke for Morning start of the engine and keep it idle for 2 Mins for better engine optimum temperature.
  2. Shrinking of tyres and solution: In the winter, the air inside the tyre gets compressed. It causes the tyre to shrink. So if you want to ride safely during winter, you need to keep checking the air pressure frequently, at least once a week. Use Nitrogen Air for better tyre life.
  3. Problems with battery and solution: As we all know, the battery is critical if one wants the smooth running of the bike, so it is necessary to keep it in good condition. If the battery fails or the power supply is interrupted, the bike won’t start or will give you trouble. Before start the vehicle pls ensure Head light is off position so that the initial load of the battery may reduce.

If the battery fails, the bike does not start in the self-start mode. The solution to this problem is to keep the bike’s engine on for five minutes in the morning. It will warm up the bike system sufficiently, and it won’t give you any starting trouble. 

Alternatively, you can even charge your battery if this doesn’t work. 


Your bike may face some starting troubles and tyre-related troubles during the winter. The best solution is to take it for pre-winter servicing as it can resolve all issues beforehand. VOC is the best bike service center in Bangalore, with two-wheeler service at the doorstep in Bangalore. You can call our technician using the two-wheeler service app and get the servicing done at your doorstep.

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