Engine oil leakage in two-wheeler

Engine oil leakage in two-wheeler

Engine oil Leakage

The problem of engine oil leakage in a two-wheeler is widespread. We need to inspect our bikes and observe the engine oil leakage to solve this problem.

There can be three types of leakages that can occur in a two-wheeler and following are the ways to solve the problem of engine oil leakage in bikes.

  1. Fix the engine oil Drain bolt leak: The first engine oil leak can happen from the drain bolt below. When this kind of leak happens, we need to check whether the bolt is adequately tightened. If it is not tight, it will cause engine oil to leak. So we need to tighten it.  

If the bolt is tightly closed, still the engine oil is leaking, then you need to switch off the petrol. Then tilt the bike or scooter on one side, open the bolt and put in an aluminum washer. You will find the washer in any mechanic’s shop. After placing the washer, you must close and tighten the bolt again. 

Without the washer, the proper sealing does not happen, and it causes leakage. You can take your bike to VOC, the best two-wheeler ServiceCenter, to get it repaired.

  1. Fix the leak if the seal is leaking for the first time: Seal in your bike/scooter sometimes leaks, to will solve the problem of engine oil leakage in your bike/scooter. Regarding the pricing of the seal, the kick seal costs around twenty rupees, the magnet seal costs around one hundred rupees, and the head gasket between the head and cylinder cost around two hundred and fifty rupees. It is better to solve the leakage problem as soon as possible.

The leakage can also cause damage to the engine. VOC, a two-wheelerservice center, can help you with leakage problems.

  1. How to fix the recurring leakage problem even after seal change: Sometimes, even when we get a new seal, the leakage problem recurs. 

So how can we fix that? So sometimes, the chain oil is poured in high quantities that appear like leakage from the seal. To avoid this, one should take the bike to the service center and give it for servicing so that they wash and keep it clean. VOC is a two-wheeler service center where you can give your bike for servicing.  

Another main reason for the recurring leakage problem is the use of duplicate products. It would help if you never used a duplicate seal. It is always best to use the original – Genuine products. Another reason for recurring leakage is not cleaning the seat area when installing a new seal. It leaves a space in between where the leakage happens. So one needs expert servicing for that. VOC is the best two-wheeler service center, where you can ultimately be free of leakage problems.


There are various reasons for engine oil leakage. 

All of it requires one to take it to a good service center. VOC is the two-wheeler service centre, where we can resolve all the problems.

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