Top 6 Best-Selling Motorcycles In India 2022

Top 6 Best-Selling Motorcycles In India 2022

best-selling motorcycles in India


Buying a new motorbike can be exciting. But with plenty of options in the market, choosing the right two-wheeler is challenging sometimes. To help narrow down your search for that right bike there are some of the best-selling bikes in India. Based on the popularity, features and the specification and last but not least the price. 

Before we get into the list of popular bikes, let us also know the importance of maintenance and services of the bike. To have a long-lasting life for your bike and enjoy that smooth ride you must have regular services and maintain it. VOC is one of the best bike service centres. It is the most reliable and trusted bike service centre in Bangalore.

Some of the top-selling motorcycles: 

Unsurprisingly, it’s the Hero Splendor that topped the list, the models like the Splendour plus model did high sales and the models like the large engine Splendour and the super Splendour did good sales. The Hero range of commuter motorcycles, which are hugely popular in the 2, and 3 tier cities, are priced around 69,000 to 79,000.

Another model is Hero HF Deluxe: Right behind the hero splendour is another commuter motorcycle – the HF Deluxe which had a good sale, and features a good fuel efficiency. 

Honda CB shine: The Honda CB Shine is a promising commuting bike from the company. It offers optimal daily comfort and is equipped with a refined engine and premium features. You can also use the bike for long occasional rides.  

Bajaj Pulsar: The Bajaj Pulsar is not a commuter bike. It is one of the highest-selling bikes in India and for the company. With a sporty and stylish design, it also offers performance in the segment in which it competes. They are a rage among youngsters.

Royal Enfield Classic 350: The Royal Enfield Classic 350 is among the top-selling midsize motorcycles in India. With its classic modern approach, the bike is an old-school motorcycle powered by a modern and frugal engine. The new  Royal Enfield  Classic 350 continues the legacy of its predecessor, but the new engine is a lot more refined and smooth. 

Hero Glamour: Hero Glamour is another popular bike in India. The Hero Glamour is stylish, powerful and fuel efficient. The Hero Glamour boasts premium features, vibrant colours, and riding comfort. The company sells Glamour in three different variants Glamour, Clamour Tec and New Glamour. 


Hope you got a fair idea about the fastest-moving bikes. But for any bike to be in good condition, it needs to be serviced regularly. A smooth ride and long-lasting bike depend on its maintenance. VOC is one of the best bike service centre in Bangalore and is known for its services. It is one of the trusted and reliable service centres with the most efficient team.

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