Know How To Choose Your Two-Wheeler Engine Oil

Know How To Choose Your Two-Wheeler Engine Oil

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Engine oil is an important component needed for the smooth functioning of bikes.  

There are certain factors while looking for engine oil and finding out the most suitable one for our bikes along with the types of engine oils that are available in the market.

To ensure a trouble-free and smooth ride of our bikes at all times, we will have to take 

the appropriate care and maintenance of the bike engine at all costs. This is the primary factor for a bike to function well. The engine oil for the working of a motorbike is similar to the functioning of blood in human beings; hence, lubricating the engine and changing oil from time to time is what it takes to keep it functional and up in running.

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The functions of engine oil are:


The endless over-functioning of the machinery ends up with the engine of the bike getting heated up. This is when the engine oils help to cool down the temperature. They thus act as a coolant and help your two-wheelers to run for a longer time; thereby, preventing the machinery from damage.


With time the constant frictional energy generated by the operation of the engine results in damage to the engine components, and this results in a drop in the vehicle’s efficiency, affecting the productivity and durability of the two-wheeler. Then the engine oil releases by forming a very thin coating that prevents frequent interactions between the elements by a considerable margin. This further results in reducing the total heat that is generated by friction.


The coating of cranks and pistons and engine sealing are functions performed by lubricating oil. A shielding layer is formed in between different engine parts that seals any openings that may have cropped up.

Engine oil is a very important factor in the maintenance and good conditioning of your bike. A good engine oil benefits and accelerates both the performance thus increasing the bike’s engine life. Currently, many varieties of engine oils are available, at times making it difficult to select the right lubricant required. For every engine different types of engine oils are recommended.

The different types of engine oils are:

Mineral Oils:

They are natural oils used as the basic lubrication fluid.

Semi-synthetic Oils:

These oils are much more flexible and beneficial in the efficient running of a range of bike engines.

Synthetic Oils:

Synthetic oils are quite expensive but promise to give you high performance all the time.

Consider the following factors while selecting the best oil for your bike:

Model of the bike:

For bikes with small engines, mineral oil is preferable and for bikes with large motors semi-synthetic or synthetic oil is suitable.

The bike’s purpose:

Choose the motor oil depending on whether your bike is for regular everyday use, or for regular or occasional rough use such as adventurous sports, long drives, bumpy surfaces, or driving up a hill.

Riding factors:

It is advisable to select engine oil based on the level of viscosity if the bike is used on a higher terrain street with a significantly lower degree.

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