Benefits of VOC Franchisee

Benefits of VOC Franchisee

VOC Franchisee

One of the best multi-brand servicing centres for two-wheelers in India is undoubtedly VOC Automotive. With a well-organized process for opening a bike servicing centre, they offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work together as a franchise. The organisation supports the franchise till the centre is fully operational and assists it in taking baby steps. In terms of break-even, the ROI is visible in a period of seven to eight months..

VOC Automotive is the one-stop solution for all your two-wheeler service needs and requirements. With the help of our digital service centres spread across India, we develop the value proposition for our clients and channel partners. To give our customers services that are affordable, we offer special product subscription options.

By offering franchisee service centres and aggregating hyperlocal service centres through IT infrastructure, VOC Automotive is a one-stop shop for two-wheeler needs. We are providing a maintenance subscription plan for two-wheelers for the first time (under patent product). In order to retain customers, VOC is introducing an extended warranty for two-wheelers for the first time.

By developing digital service centres across the country of India and taking into account the pain points of customers and dealers, we are ushering in a new era in the two-wheeler service industry. VOC has transformed from a traditional business model to a cutting-edge service with state-of-the-art technology. As a service and marketing team that offers practical knowledge in generating satisfied clients & dealers in their business, we have partnered with major international two-wheeler manufacturers.

Creating Authorized Service/Spare Parts (ASP) retailers is carried out through a controlled process at VOC Automotive. From the moment it is completely launched, operational, and generating income, we help them every step of the way. VOC Automotive establishes guidelines that must be followed while creating new ASPs. Apart from the training initiatives to keep the technicians updated, this guarantees the same VOC Automotive edge throughout India.

The analytics, business intelligence, and organised operations in the Smart Dealer app from VOC Automotive make it possible to gain the real-time benefits of digitalized services. If properly harnessed, the software may support a 42% ROI while helping the franchise expand. Staying in touch with VOC Automotive is the greatest choice for a faster ROI, especially with the increase in the number of bike service scopes.

The 3R’s of business are something we at VOC Automotive really believe in, and they are incredibly helpful to all of our dealers and authorised service locations. They are retention, revisits, and revenue. We eliminate all manual interventions by digitising the entire operation. With the help of our reliable IT backup, we can always get in touch with the customers. Mobile applications like the VOC Smart Dealer app and the VOC Rider app will make it easier for you to communicate with your clients and potential customers.

The franchisee model at VOC Automotive involves 2 different variations – 3S and 1S. The 3S support entails sales, service, and spares while the 1S support involves only spare parts. Thinking of a two-wheeler franchise for better profits? Come to VOC Automotive – the best bike service centre in Bangalore!

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