Motorcycle brake problems cause and its solutions.

Motorcycle brake problems cause and its solutions.

Motorcycle brake


Motorcycles are one of the best means of transport. They are very convenient to move around in traffic and also low in maintenance. Motorcycles get excellent mileage when compared to a car. It is easy to ride and park a motorcycle, it is more flexible in heavy traffic. 

Buying and maintaining a motorcycle becomes more economical when you choose the best two-wheeler servicing centre. Only a biker can experience the unparalleled joy, excitement and adventure of his rides. To keep this excitement for riding, it is crucial to have routine service and maintenance of your bike. VOC Automotive is one of the best bike service centres in Bangalore. They have a team of expert mechanics who are excellent at their job.  They even provide a doorstep bike service in Bangalore.  They have also expanded their branches in other parts of South India for their customers. They are the most trusted and reliable bike service centre.

One of the most important parts of a bike are the brakes. Here are a few causes that can cause a breakdown of your motorcycle. Let’s consider a few things here. 

Brake fade: We all know that the brakes are a vital component of any bike. The bikes do not remain in the same conditions always. Dents in which the brakes fail to hold on the wheels with prolonged application are known as brake fade. The friction behaviour of the brake changes due to temperature and deteriorates with an increase in temperature caused by prolonged use. When this happens, you can reduce the speed load and use the lower gears. The brake fade vanishes.

Brake binding: This is a condition in which the brake gets a tendency of binding the liner to the brake drum and remains applied without pressing the brake. It is also known as brake dragging. One of the main reasons for break binding is defective springs. Which can be replaced immediately. The other reason is jammed brake shoes over the anchor pins. This can be eliminated by lubricating the anchor pin. 

Brake overheating: The overheating of the brake is most likely due to the same as the brake binding. Overheating tends to decrease friction properties and increase binding. 

Brake judder: It is a vibration in which a ringing noise radiates from brakes. The brake judder may be either due to wrong brake adjustment, which may be corrected or due to the brake lining rivets being loose, in which case the lining also needs to be replaced.

Presence of air in the brake line: This defect arises particularly in disc brake assembly because the disc brake works with compression brake oil. This incompressible brake oil acts as a linkage between the brake lever and caliper piston. It is a way by which brake lever force gets magnificent and applied to the caliper piston. For this purpose, brake oil should have high velocity. This whole system fails even if a small amount of air enters the break line.


Motorcycles are one of the easy and best means of transport. You can enjoy your rides and feel safe if the motorcycle is in good condition and maintained well throughout. For this the motorcycle needs to be under regular service, VOC Automotive is one of the best bike service centres for all your two-wheelers.

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