Motorcycle ABS and How It Works

Motorcycle ABS and How It Works

How it works


At VOCthe best multi-brand two-wheeler service centre, we believe bikes with ABS are safer and encourage one to purchase a two-wheeler with an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). VOC is a trusted multi-brand bike repair service centre with bike repair at your doorstep in Bangalore.

ABS – what is it? 

ABS refers to an anti-lock braking system. ABS is a safety feature to avoid skidding vehicles. It works by stopping the wheels from locking up while braking, thus maintaining active contact with the road surface. Hard brakes can destabilize a motorcycle and lead to the front or rear wheel locking. It causes the bike to overturn or slide. ABS increases the stability of your bike.

What is the advantage of ABS in bikes?
  • It prevents the biker from falling or skidding and reduces the death rate and severe injury from motorcycle crashes by 31%.
  • For professional bikers who do stunts like a stoppie, ABS is helpful.
  • MotoGP riders use the slipper clutch when they lean on the curves and continuously rip the vehicle with the brakes. ABS does the safety work here.
How does an anti-lock braking system (ABS) work in motorcycles?
The ABS braking system comprises three parts:
  • ECU kit
  • Brakes 
  • Wheel Speed Sensors. 

The installation of ABS is on the rear wheel. The speed sensors keep monitoring the rotation speed and locking up of the wheels. The speed sensors are in link to the Electronic Control Unit. The wheels roll for some distance and do not lock during braking. In an emergency, ABS in motorcycles can help a rider reduce speed or to stop. If hard brakes are applied on a slippery road, causing the wheels to lock, the ABS hydraulic unit momentarily reduces the brake pressure applied by the rider; so that the wheels continue to rotate. It helps the rider control the motorcycle and slow down safely. Motorcycle ABS works by constantly measuring wheel speed. It only intervenes to adjust brake pressure if it detects that a wheel is about to stop rotating. A rider should not notice this at all during non-emergency braking but can be confident that in an emergency, they can apply full brake force without the wheels locking up.

What is the Importance of ABS in Bikes? 

In today’s road scenario, with the number of accidents that are taking place, bike manufacturers have started implementing ABS in bikes for the betterment of road safety. It is mandatory to install ABS on bikes that come under 150cc, as per the Regional Transport Office (RTO) guidelines.


Buying a new motorcycle ABS and enjoying the jolly rides is pleasurable to bike owners. But pleasure only comes with regular bike maintenance. To get that smooth ride get your bike serviced at the VOC multi-brand bike service centre.VOC is a trusted and reliable bike service centre in Bangalore. They also have a facility for doorstep bike repair. Contact our bike repair experts at VOC now.

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