Must Know Why Nitrogen Air Is Better Than Normal Air

Must Know Why Nitrogen Air Is Better Than Normal Air

nitrogen air is better than normal air


Tyres are designed and manufactured to provide many miles of excellent service but must be properly maintained. The key element of proper maintenance is maintaining the recommended tyre inflation pressure. The proper inflation pressure is recommended by the vehicle manufacturer and can be found on the vehicle’s tyre placard or in the owner’s manual. By this, the customers can keep a check on the inflation pressure at regular intervals.

The two popular air-filling options are nitrogen and normal air, and most people get confused when it comes to deciding which is the best. All gases expand when heated and contract when cooled, and tyre inflation pressures vary accordingly.  Irrespective of regular check ups, if the tyre pressure reduces, then it’s time to visit a two-wheeler repair shop. VOC Automotive is the best twowheeler servicing centre in Bangalore that consists of excellent mechanics, who are experts in the field. 

Why is nitrogen better than air? 

Nitrogen is preferred over normal air because Nitrogen is pure in its form and does not permit any combustion or moisture in it. Nitrogen is a non-flammable gas. It is pure dry air with oxygen removed. The ambient air contains about 78% of nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% other gas 

Some of the benefits of Nitrogen over normal air.
  • Nitrogen gas fillings are best suitable for long drives or racing speeds and heavy usage.
  • The nitrogen should be fully pure to be effective on the tyre of your vehicle. 
  • The normal air can hold back the moisture, while the nitrogen gas doesn’t support the moisture, so it prevents premature tyre wear. 
  • When compared to the air loss in the tyre of your vehicle, nitrogen has an edge over the normal air since the former has more molecules than the latter.  

The tyre pressure due to the varying temperature is straighter and more predictable as compared to air. By this, one can also say that it is good for racing bikes or high-performance vehicles as the road grip is highly dependable on the temperature of the tyre. 


Nitrogen or the regular air?  Nitrogen does have an advantage and the truth is that they lie on the upper level of a tyre performance spectrum. This is good for long-distance drives and reduces the wear of the tyres. Regular service and maintenance of bikes/two-wheelers is very important for the vehicle to be in condition. VOC Automotive provides the best two-wheeler service in Bangalore. They are a one-stop shop for all your two-wheeler solutions. VOC ensures hassle-free and quality service to their customers, yet at cost-effective plans.

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