Extended Warrenty

Unique warranty offered by VOC, for its valued customers to protect the cost of replacements of your two-wheeler’s part and labour charges, subject to terms and conditions.
Covering following parts : Cylinder head, Cam chain / Tension, Cylinder, Oil pump, Generator, Crank case, Crank shaft / Piston, Transmission, Gear shift, Brakes, Fuel cock, Gauge fuel, CDI Unit, Ignition coil, Rectifier comb, Regulator, power relay, Flasher unit, ECU, all sensors, Swing arm, Actuators, throttle body, Injector, ISG, HECU and ESAI.
Benefits: Fast and efficient quality spares, highest Service standards followed. Cost saving as major replacements are included in the Warranty. What is more amazing is, even if the vehicle change hands, the warranty is valid for the period mentioned.
Extended warranty is valid across all the locations of only VOC.